ServSafe Food Handler

With the ServSafe Food Handler course and certification. Learn how to handle food correctly with courses developed by food service experts, specifically for our industry! Also, choose whether to take the course online or in person, in English or Spanish. Also, in this couse you will learn the basics of safe food handling and preparation. As well as additional content, depending on the specific services of your job.

The term food handler in its broadest sense, includes all people who can come into contact with an edible product or part of it at any stage from its source, the farm for example, to the consumer.

Certification ServSafe Food Handler

This course covers: basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross contamination and allergens, time and temperature, cleaning and sanitation

Plus, it meets the employer’s requirements for food handlers. Followed by online training that is comprehensive and convenient. It also covers basic food safety practices for preparing and serving food. We highlight that more than 95% of our students pass the exam on the first try.

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Who is it for:

This course is aimed at all people who work in productive activities directly related to the Food Industry, in establishments such as: restaurants, hotels, bakeries, gas stations that prepare, serve and / or sell food, hospitals, school canteens, institutions that serve food for minors and older adults, as well as in productive units that are dedicated to the processing of dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meats, agro-industry, including those who carry out their activity in fairs, parks or public roads. In addition, this course can be taken by those who need to obtain or renew their “food handling card”, or when it is requested as a requirement to occupy a job. No previous experience is required as it is an introductory course and is aimed at the general public.

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